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 Tako Hiki Sushi Restaurant in Aarschot

Located in the cozy town of Aarschot, Tako Hiki is the place to be for delighful sushi, sashimi and a lot of other wonderful Asian dishes.

Tako Hiki, is a traditional long thin knife that is used in the Japanese kitchen, which belongs to the group of Sashimi Bōchō (Japanese: 刺身包丁Sashimi [raw fish] bōchō [knife]) and is used to prepare sashimi, sliced raw fish and seafood. The name of our restaurant is inspired from this traditional Japanese knife as we strive to prepare authentic and traditional sushi, sashimi and sea food dishes, along with meat items and several seasonal menu. Sushi is originated from the paddy fields in Southeast Asia, a simple dish with fish and rice, and it goes back as far as the 2nd century, and later Sushi became an important cuisine of the Japanese. By the 20th century, sushi has gained popularity all over the world and the popularity is growing as ever. Besides Sushi, Sashimi and nigiri are also other popular raw fish dishes served together with different varieties of sushi.

At Tako Hiki, we believe that sushi is not just food, but it is also an art. We use the best and natural products, with passion and creativity and do our best to provide the ultimate experience to our customers. To hold true to the expresssion “eat with your eyes”, our goal is to satisfy your hunger while also be visually appealing. Morever, sushi is also a very healthy meal ! It is a good source of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids thanks to the fish, which is a main ingredient in sushi and sashimi. It is low in calories, there are no added fats and it is packed with all the goodness.

At Tako Hiki, we try to introduce the world of sushi to our customers. We serve a wide variety of classic and fusion sushi and unique rolls, all as a part of your Japanese experience. Apart from sushi menus, we also offer a lot of variations of cuisine that is largely inspired from the Asian kitchens. That includes our grill dishes, several Thai curry dishes as well as Asian Hotpots. We also offer vegetarian and gluten free options and we are flexible to the requests of our customers and adjust accordingly while serving our food. You can enjoy a great dining experience at our restaurant indoors as well as outdoors, together with your friends and families. Everything is prepared fresh as you order and we strive to give the most pleasant experience to our customers. It is also perfectly possible to take the dishes and enjoy them at the comfort of your own home. We also offer catering services for 50 or more people in the restaurant or at your location, for which you can make reservations a couple of weeks beforehand. We also regularly have promotions and offers on special occasions, such as Valentine’s day, New year’s, Christmas etc., for which we advise you to check our website as well as our facebook page.

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